Here are a few answers:

  • My height (just about 6 foot) and large feet (size 12) have always defined me, hence the name of this blog Big Feet Big Style.
  • I am the mother of two young children. I work full-time as a Director of Marketing and blog in my very little free time.
  • Yes, I do exercise and watch what I eat but I’ve come to understand that my body yearns for my size 14-16 sweet-spot. Could I lose weight? Absolutely. Will I? That’s my decision.
  • I adore makeup because it’s a creative expression for me not because I like ‘hiding’ myself behind a mask.
  • I hand-pick every outfit with care because looking good makes me feel good.
  • I regularly shop for used and/or vintage clothing/jewelry. I make it a point to never wear more than $100 of clothing (total) on any day and I smile widely when I get a compliment on an item that I purchased for 75% or more of a discount. Even better when someone asks “Where did you get X?” and I can answer “I bought it secondhand for [insert low $ amount]” with a grin.
  • In my last bits of free time, I work closely with animal rescue groups and foster dogs from high-kill shelters until they’ve found their “furever” home. Needless to say, with 2 kids, 2 rabbits, 2 hamsters and usually 2 foster dogs, I have a full house! We also just added a blue beta (aptly named Bluey) to the mix.