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The average size of American women in 2016 was a size 16. A 16 in ’16. Although I’m considered plus-size, I’m actually average-sized at size 16.

This blog is for every time I see a picture of an impossibly small model and imagine: how can I possibly squeeze my size 16 butt into fashion for the thinner folks? I also happen to have size 12 wide feet…and I’m just about 6′ tall. While it does make shopping slightly more difficult, I’ve found my stores and I’m here to share my finds with you.

I love bargains (I regularly shop used and vintage) and I can’t remember the last time I purchased clothing or shoes full priced. I love mixing and matching outfits and trying to find combinations with my current wardrobe and, of course, constantly expanding.

Here are a few things I can promise you:

-I will never, ever photoshop, filter or otherwise alter my pictures apart from cropping and overlaying text/images.

-Every picture you see on my blog is #nofilter because I want you to see the real me.

-All the outfits on this blog are actual outfits I wore all day not just outfits I wear for photos.

-All clothing and makeup is purchased and owned by me; I do have a large collection but my excuse is that I’ve been collecting for over 2 decades now. 🙂


A few answers to your Frequently Ask Questions

My height (just about 6 feet tall) and large feet (size 12) have always defined me, hence the name of this blog Big Feet : Big Style.

I am the mother of two young children. I work full-time as a Director of Marketing and blog in my very little free time.

Yes, I do exercise and watch what I eat but I’ve come to understand that my body yearns for my size 14-16 sweet-spot. Could I lose weight? Absolutely. Will I? That’s my decision.

I adore makeup because it’s a creative expression for me not because I like ‘hiding’ myself behind a mask.

I hand-pick every outfit with care because looking good makes me feel good.

I regularly shop for used and/or vintage clothing/jewelry. I make it a point to never wear more than $100 of clothing (total) on any day and I smile widely when I get a compliment on an item that I purchased for 75% or more of a discount. Even better when someone asks “Where did you get X?” and I can answer “I bought it secondhand for [insert low $ amount]” with a grin.

In my last bits of free time, I work closely with animal rescue groups and foster dogs from high-kill shelters until they’ve found their “furever” home. Needless to say, with 2 kids, 2 rabbits, 2 hamsters and usually 2 foster dogs, I have a full house! We also just added a blue beta (aptly named Bluey) to the mix.

Welcome, enjoy and leave me your comments!