Outfit of the Day

Black, gray and free!

I couldn’t resist buying this dress but getting it for free was something I never expected!

I got very lucky with this dress. It was a disappointment turned highlight to my day. I purchased this Banana Republic dress secondhand off eBay. It’s a size 16 Tall (exactly my size in Banana Republic clothing) so I immediately noticed it. Actually, I have a saved search for all Banana Republic Size 16 Tall so when a new item with that description is listed, I’m notified.

I love the lines on this dress. The shoulders have an extra “wing” detailing.

So I found this dress and immediately bid on it. It was under $20 with shipping (which fits my criteria for thrift shopping online) and I love the gray tone with the black lace waist belt. It’s a wool dress with a nice black poly lining so warm enough for a fall day or a cooler summer day (read: office A/C).

You can see the wing detail on the shoulder well in this picture.

I won the auction and the seller shipped my winnings to me. When I received it, I was super disappointed. The dress was not as described at all. It was supposed to be dry-cleaned and in excellent used condition. While the condition was great (no pulls or fabric tears), the underarm area was dirty. You could see someone had worn it or tried it on recently and needless to say I was really grossed out by that. If you’re going to sell used clothing, the least you can do is wash your items in advance.

The lace built-in belt on this dress hits my waist perfectly.

I complained about it to the seller (with pictures) and she (or he!) was very apologetic and immediately refunded my total purchase price. Wow! I know it’s not very much and it’s a small gesture to make the customer happy but it meant a lot to me. I really didn’t expect such generosity (I actually expected I’d have to go through the hassle of returning the item) and it turned an otherwise crappy experience into a great one. Thank you eBay seller who shall remain anonymous.

My photographer likes to make me laugh during picture time. Here’s proof of that!

I immediately got the dress dry-cleaned. And then I got it dry-cleaned again. Both times, I got a heavy cleaning and disinfecting treatment and while it was clean the first time, I just needed to make sure it was entirely disinfected. I hadn’t even tried the dress on yet! Hah, I would’ve been really sad if after having it washed twice that it was too small/big.

A selfie from above.

But it fit! It fits like a glove, actually. I love the lines on this dress. It’s subtle yet highlights my silhouette nicely. It’s the perfect sheath dress and I got it for free! I’m not counting the dry-cleaning as that is part of the love-hate relationship I have with dry-clean only clothing.

These gray suede and black leather booties by Vince Camuto are so comfortable and stylish.

I paired this pretty dress with a pair of gray and black booties by Vince Camuto. They match the outfit perfectly. They’re a nice gray suede pointy bootie with a black leather back and black elastic on the side. Also, super comfortable.

A little detail on the gray wool fabric. It looks almost like burlap but it’s not as rough as that.

As always, a dress is one of the easiest looks to wear in my opinion. Pair it with a short black cardigan and you immediately have an outfit.

For accessories, I chose this beautiful blue/gray pearl necklace and silver lace huggie earrings.
I matched my make-up of the day with the grays in the dress.