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Fit & Flare Navy Dress

No matter how much clothing you own, no matter how many times you’ve re-worn the same outfit, no matter no matter, you’ll always have one of those days where you open your closet and feel like you have “nothing to wear.” I’m going to share a secret with you: on days like those, pull out a dress. As long as you know the dress fits, it’s one of the easiest looks to pull off in a pinch. Also, a well-fitting dress can make any “I have nothing to wear” day into a brighter one.

Jones New York Fit & Flare dress with gathered neck and belted waist.

The key to pulling off the simple beauty of a dress is fit. I own way more dresses than I should but I’ve been searching for the holy grail dress for a long time. As with so many other key fashion pieces, it all depends on your body type. I’m hourglass shaped with broad shoulders, wide hips and my narrowest part is my waist—hence the resemblance to an hourglass. Today, I wore a dress that flatters my body shape. Wider at the hips and shoulders and narrow at the waist.

Banana Republic navy blue cardigan

This Jones New York dress has a navy blue bottom with a coral, navy and white mottled pattern top. The solid navy bottom and colorful top meet and cinch exactly at my waist thereby enhancing my natural body shape.

Richard Taylor glasses purchased at Costco optical department

The cardigan doesn’t exactly match the navy blue of the dress bottom but it’s different enough to not seem like I was attempting (and failed) at matching. This Banana Republic cardigan is 100% merino wool so it provides the warmth without the sweaty, itchy feeling of wool.

MAC – Caitlyn Jenner (limited edition) lipstick in Understanding

I opted for the white, open-toed sandals because I thought navy or black would’ve been too heavy. If I had a pair of coral heels, I definitely would’ve chosen those. I have a gorgeous MAC lipstick from Caitlyn Jenner’s limited edition (sorry!) collection called “Understanding” in a bright, luscious coral. I had to pick up the coral notes somewhere! But if I had a pair of coral heels, I definitely would’ve worn them.

Corso Como white sandals with gold buckle detail

The gold buckle on the sandals matches the gold detailing of the dress’ belt. It brings the eye up and down the entire look. Here’s a close-up of the belt.

Close-up of belt and button detail.



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  1. Fit and flare plus cardigan is one of my faves of all time. You look super cute! The banana republic cardigan might be a good substitute for the J Crew Jackie ( the perfect cardigan) sorry, I’m cardi obsessed right now xx


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