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Nautical Inspired Outfit

Nautical inspired looks are really in fashion right now. Actually, every decade has seen some revival of the sailor look. And for good reason: it’s cute, totally summer appropriate and very versatile.

Wide-leg crop trousers – Banana Republic

I found a pair of almost-not-quite seersucker, wide leg crop pants for a bargain ($12!!) at Banana Republic and I think they were marked down because they were a size 14 Long. Lucky for me, no one fancied themselves a sailor but me that day.

Ruffle pirate blouse – Thrifted Similar here

These high-waisted striped pants really channel the 1930s; women were just starting to wear “slacks” (a term I lovingly remember my grandmother using) and these were considered suitable for a day at the beach. Maybe I was dreaming of the beach when I decided on this outfit…

Knot your typical nautical outfit

My ruffled blouse is reminiscent of a sailor’s or perhaps a pirate–still nautical, right? The blue of the blouse somehow matched perfectly with the blue of the stripes and the ruffles end perfectly as the pants begin. The sleeves are flutterly and lie like two interlocking petals on my shoulders. It’s a breezy look and feel for summer.



I’m not sure I love the way the pants look on my butt. It flattens instead of flatters but luckily 1. I don’t see my butt unless I look in the mirror 2. I sit on my butt 90% of the day for my job. I got many compliments on the pants so I’ll assume my backside looked fine.

Naturalizer Wedge Sandals – Similar here

And oh the shoes! The shoes tie this whole outfit together. The woven fabric at the toe and criss-crossed at the vamp remind me of a Cape Cod weave I’ve seen on rugs and doormats. Of course the jute wraparound is the perfect match for a boat’s many yards of twine. The blues match the blouse and stripes of the pants.



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