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Capris & Camis

Capris are such an easy office outfit. They’re great for tall women–length is never an issue.

I did say in a previous post that dresses are the simplest outfit. I stand by that previous statement but I realize a dress is not always practical and/or some women prefer not to wear a dress. If that’s the case, or if you’re just not “feeling” a dress that day, I suggest the second easiest look: a pair of capris and a camisole. For ladies in a colder cities, I know capris are a spring and summer look but I have the luxury of year-round wear in Los Angeles. Opt for pants if it’s too cold for capris.

The wrap on this top is really cute. It helps define the silhouette since it’s a baggier look.

What exactly is a capri? Capris are about shin length pants that are shorter than full length slacks and longer than shorts. They’re also longer than their cousin, the Bermuda short. They typically fall around mid-calf length. For us tall girls, the capri is heavenly because even if the pant is too short by an inch or two, it still looks fine whereas on a full length pair of pants, a few inches really matters–especially when heels are involved.

I didn’t realize the camisole has this plunge at the waist until I tried it on but I’ve grown to like the puffier style (hides my tummy)!

The Capri pant is aptly named after the designer’s favorite Italian island of Capri. Sonja de Lennart is credited with having created the capri pant (along with a whole collection of “capri” pieces but the capri pant really took off). The gorgeous Grace Kelly really popularized the pants on her many vacations to the island. I’m so in love with that era of fashion (50s-60s style) so I can only imagine the glamour of vacation in Capri wearing your finest capris. If I ever visit the island, I will certainly wear my capris.

This pattern was popular at Banana Republic–I saw a dress and a skirt made from the same fabric.

The world was later scandalized when Mary Tyler Moore wore a tight-fitting pair of capris on the Mary Tyler Moore show. And now here I am, 50 years later, wearing a tight-fitting pair of capris to work and no one bats an eye. The times they have a changed. I chose a pair of gray Loft capris with a little sheen to them. I’ve always liked the “raw” cotton look–typically a cotton blend. I find it matches more colors (usually because more colors are blended into the cotton) and it hides stains much easier.

I chose gray capris from Loft but I could’ve just as easily paired the top with navy, blue, cream, camel or even white bottoms (all those colors appear in the palette).

I bought this camisole at Banana Republic for a bargain. It was a final sale (no returns) and I didn’t realize it at the time (I rarely try clothing on at the store–I typically buy, try at home and then keep or return) but when I tried it on I was decently happy with the look. It’s a modified camisole with a half-wrap at the waist. One feature I adore about this piece (and every single low-neck blouse should have this) is the tiny eye and hook closure just at the bust level. If you choose not to close it, it’s practically invisible but if you decide you’re a little too busty, just close latch it up. For all the times I’ve used safety pins or tank tops to cover up a too-busty top, I thank you, Banana Republic, for thinking of this.

Aren’t these cute little blue suede shoes? They’re very minimalist and provide zero support but they’re like slippers in terms of comfort.

For maximum comfort, I opted for a pair of flats so flat they’re basically ballet slippers. I bought these slippers many years ago at Hush Puppies (when HP had brick & mortar stores) and while I don’t wear them often, I always find them dainty and cute when I slip them on. Little blue suede shoes match just about any outfit.

My light blue necklace was a thrift store find.

I did wear my trusty Banana Republic navy blue cardigan because my office is always frigidly cold but I took the cardi off for most of the pictures.

Eye of the day by MAC’s Blooz eyeliner and “Carefree” eyeshadow. Lips of the day by MAC’s Cream in your Coffee. Blush is The Body Shop’s Shimmer Waves in 02 (Pink).

What do you think? Worth the $10 I spent for this camisole? I think of it in terms of coffees and lunches. This top cost me the equivalent of two latte or one cheap lunch; instead I packed my lunch and drank the office pot o’ joe for this top.



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  1. Bonjour Sarah, Ce top te va à ravir. J’aime l’imprimé. Tu m’as demandé des info sur mes bottes brunes en suède. Ce sont de très vieilles bottes (7 ans au moins). Elles semblent neuves car ici au Québec comme tu le sais l’automne ne dure pas longtemps. Je ne les porte que 5 ou 6 fois par ans. Bon, heureusement que je n’engraisse pas des pieds! Elles devraient me servir encore quelques années. J’espère que tout va de ton côté. Au plaisir de te lire. -Dominique


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