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Butterflies and Booties

Butterfly print blouse with a khaki skirt and brown cardigan pairs well with my lattice booties

It doesn’t get more whimsical than a blouse bursting with a butterfly print. This is a blouse that makes me smile when I see it hanging in my closet and it makes me smile inwardly when I wear it. My daughter (3 years old) smiles, too, when I wear it and always exclaims (like she’s never seen it before) “wow! so many butterflies, mama!”


I’m laughing because I paid only $13 for this Karen Kane blouse at Nordstrom Rack (you’d be smiling too!)

So what better way to make an otherwise simple outfit magical? Add some butterfly prints! Actually, any print will do but in this case I chose this Karen Kane blouse that cost me almost nothing from Nordstrom Rack ($13!!). I saw it hanging out on the liquidation rack and it was calling my name. I saw the price tag and I knew it was meant to be. Is that love at first sight? In the clothing world, it is! This blouse pairs well with jeans, easily with black pants, tucked into a skirt (my choice today) and even over a dress with a belt for definition.

Close-up of the cute butterflies


For this look, I paired my pretty blouse with a simple skirt I bought at Costo (don’t laugh!) of all places. It’s got an interesting but muted chevron pattern in a khaki/taupe color. It paired well with the blouse despite the pattern contrast. Surprisingly, it made for an intriguing combination. I didn’t want to add even more patterns on top so I kept the cardigan muted with my favorite chocolate brown cardi from Banana Republic.

Purchased secondhand: Sofft khaki patent leather and suede lattice patterned booties

My shoes are normally the inspiration for my outfits. At least, they’re the first thing I think about when putting together an outfit in my head. But today, the butterfly blouse won first place in the “outfit inspo” category. I do, however, need to give some credit to these awesome shoes. I purchased them secondhand on eBay. They’re Sofft brand and not to be cheesy but I have a soft spot for this brand. They used to make almost all their styles in size 12 and suddenly and without notice, they stopped. Now, whenever I see a size 12 in a style I like, I’ll immediately snag them. Usually that means secondhand because I can never find them new anymore *insert sad face here* but secondhand is better anyhow so maybe it was meant to be.

Eyeshadows match the brownish hues of my outfit and my lips are a shade above nude


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