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Mad Men Inspired Floral Dress

Loving my 60s inspired floral dress from the Banana Republic Mad Men collection

What did you think of Mad Men? I loved the whole show until the ending. It just didn’t seem to fit with Don Draper’s character–even if he had a sudden epiphany. Anywho, Banana Republic came out with this awesome Mad Men collection in 2012 that sold out in 3 seconds (and all at full price) so I never got my hands on anything from that 60s inspired collection.

I still can’t believe I got this dress for such a steal ($12!)

That is, until I saw this sweetie-pie hanging out on eBay just calling out to me. “Sarah….Sarah….” it whispered. I feel bad for its previous owner. I’m not sure she saw the value in this dress. I got it for $12+shipping. I know–incredible, right? One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. And treasure it, I do!

Channeling the Joan Holloway look from AMC’s Mad Men series

How perfect is this dress? Muted mixed florals in a swirl of pinks, and beiges and browns and creams and khakis and…it’s got so many combinations. I’ve worn this dress with red shoes, pink shoes, beige shoes, nude shoes and brown shoes. I can pair this dress with literally any color cardigan. I’ve even tried a deep navy blue and it looks stunning. Without fail, I get compliments each and every time I wear this dress.

Florals are so fun. Great for any age; any size and any day!

Today I paired this “Joan” sheath dress with a pair of Naturalizer nude open-toed pumps and my favorite chocolate brown cardigan from Banana Republic. This is totally a Joan-inspired look and I feel so curvaceous in this dress. It hugs my curves in all the right spots without tugging at the tummy. I emphasized my curves even more by wearing the waist belt but the dress doesn’t need it and I’ve worn it without a belt with stunning results.

I paired the pink-hued dress with rose gold themed jewelry

I kept with the rose/pink theme by wearing my Catherine Malandrino rose gold watch and some rose gold midi rings on my right hand ring finger. You can see a close-up of the belt in the picture above. I love the buckle on this one.


I followed through with the rose gold in these nude open-toed pumps by Naturalizer

These cute Naturalizer open-toed pumps are really comfortable and the extra height at the front makes them easier to walk in. I also love the rose gold colored bow at the toe. My daughter (she’s 3 years old) said she likes them–and that sealed the deal. I often take fashion tips from my 3 yo. She knows where it’s at.

This is one of my favorite chocolate brown cardigans – Banana Republic too!

I feel so lucky to have found a size 16 tall in a limited edition Mad Men collection for the amazing price of $12. It was used but it was in excellent condition. I doubt the previous owner wore it more than once. My kind of steal. These are the diamonds in the rough that make thrifting so exciting.

I kept my make up fresh and rosy with a dirty rose lipstick (Creme in your Coffee by MAC)

How am I doing channeling Joan Holloway?



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