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Faux wrap dress

Ah, the wrap dress. So iconic and so wonderfully feminine. I’m actually wearing a “faux wrap dress” today but it’s reminiscent of the full wrap dress made so famous by Diane von Furstenburg. I don’t own a DVF wrap dress but it’s on my clothing bucket list. If only I could find one in my size and in my budget…probably will never happen but a girl can always dream. Until then, I have the faux DVF.


Fit is so important with a wrap dress. The wrap portion is meant to fall just at the thinnest point of your abdomen (your natural waist) and accentuate the natural curves of your body. Too high and you’ve got an empire dress and too low and you’ve got an A line. The dress I’m wearing today “fakes” the wrap with ruching. Ruching is seriously the best way to camouflage rolls. Built in rolls to hide the rolls!


Also, notice that the ruching or where the dress gathers at my waist, creates the illusion of a smaller waist. The dress is tight and pretty thin but the pattern also helps to trick the eye. This  24/7 Comfort dress is my go-to for comfort and fit.


I love the neckline on this dress, too. It’s very flattering on my bust but not too revealing. It’s actually a surplice neckline which is a diagonally crossed neckline that forms a deep V-shaped neck. It’s a universally flattering look regardless of bust size.


The dress is beige with a black geometric pattern. I was going wear a pair of heels in a burst of color but I decided on keeping the focus primarily on the dress. I chose a pair of black heels with a flair on the heel. It’s a stiletto width heel but it’s only about 3″ high so it’s not nearly as difficult to walk in.


I’m always cold in the office so I paired the dress with a black cardigan from Cable & Gage. I wear this cardigan so often–it’s definitely a wardrobe staple. I’ve also worn this dress with a short blazer, occasionally a shawl and of course, just the dress itself.


As with my shoes, I kept my jewelry minimal for this outfit. I like to let the statement pieces shine!


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