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Rockabilly heels with heart-shaped polka dots

It’s all about these shoes today. Rockabilly fashion is so hot right now!

This whole outfit started with the shoes. I spotted them on sale for $30 and snagged them immediately. By default, I’ll wear a size 12 because it’s almost impossible to find non-orthopedic shoes in a size 11 Wide (my “true” shoe size) and these were an 11W. They were meant to be!

Look at those red heels

I would classify them as rockabilly style. I often see the same striped or polka dot pattern of blacks, whites and reds in the rockabilly lookbook. Rockabilly is a style that developed along with its musical namesake in the 50s but the style has seen a “neo-rockabilly” revival this century. I associate the aesthetic to a Bettie Page or Betty Boop style on women. It has become very popular in the body positive movement as the silhouette really relishes in defining curves and hugging the hourglass figure.

Love the frilly flair on this Banana Republic wrap skirt–thrifted no less

Unfortunately, I couldn’t wear the entire rockabilly style to work as it’s a little too revealing in the chest department and too tight on the lower regions. Oh well, I’m channeling the style with my lovely heels today.

This Jones New York Signature Collection blouse has lovely piping along the front.

I paired the peep-toe heels with a thrifted Banana Republic wrap dress I purchased on eBay for a $12 steal. The frill across the front mimics a lovely flamenco dancer’s skirt and gives the appearance of movement. I have to be careful with this skirt, though, as it does tend to split (as all wrap skirts do) when I sit. Otherwise, I lucked out with the length and fit.

Showing off the stripes on these adorable shoes

In keeping with the rockabilly theme, I opted for this adorable heart-shaped polka dot blouse. I can thank my mom for this lovely addition to my wardrobe. It’s a Jones New York Signature collection piece and I’m not sure how much she spent on it but she’s got great taste and knows I adore heart and polka pattern anything. I was so pleased when I saw this blouse has both. And there’s a hidden gem you can’t see with this outfit today but the hem has a gorgeous bright pink band that contrasts so nicely with the red, white and blue heart pattern.

A close-up of the heart polka dots on my blouse

Lastly, I kept the look together with a trusty black leather belt. Unfortunately the waist ties on the wrap belt tend to slide during the day so the belt helps to hold the entire dress in place. Not shown in the pictures is a dark navy blue cardigan that I wore to ward off the office a/c chills.

The black leather belt helps unify this outfit of the day
My best attempt at getting a decent angle on the drop pink topaz earrings I wore today
Make up of the day compliments of Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette
One more #fromwhereistand shot of these cute heels


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