How to: Wear Red Pants

The first step to pulling off red pants is to buy them. I actually mean that! It took me forever to finally buy a pair of red pants because I always hesitated thinking I’d never be able to pair it with anything or have the guts to wear them. And so, I bought a pair of red pants from Ann Taylor (heavily discounted at $8 on the liquidation rack) and figured if I never wore them, the worst I had to lose was a few bucks.

Ann Taylor red pants; gray/blue belt Coldwater Creek

But pants this cute deserve wear time! I’ve realized the only color you can’t wear with red pants is red and perhaps reddish tones like corals or oranges and pinks. Every other color pairs well. Today I wore a dark navy blouse from Banana Republic with awesome embellishments at the lapel and a totally unexpected pair of jaguar print kitten heels.

Banana Republic navy blue top with jeweled embellishments

I love how the outfit turned out. The belt is a blue-grayish color and compliments the pretty crystal-studded labels on my blouse (the crystals are a faux smoky topaz color) but also strikes a nice balance between the top and bottom portion of my body.

Sam Edelman heels

I kept my jewelry minimal for this outfit. Blue faux-sapphire studs and a gorgeous 1920s Art Deco bracelet I inherited from my great-grandmother. Yes, the bracelet I wore on my wrist today is almost 100 years old and was lovingly worn by 3 generations before me.


Red pants are more versatile than we ever give them credit for. I’ve worn these same pants with grays, blacks, browns, greens (gorgeous!) and whites all with great effect. You can easily pull off patterns with these solid red pants; try black and white polka dots for a simple pattern or go bold with abstract prints.




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