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Mixing & Matching Patterns

Mixing and matching patterns for today’s Outfit of the Day

I wasn’t sure about this outfit at first. I usually don’t mix & match patterns but today I strayed a little out of my comfort zone. Of course, this outfit is still pretty conservative in terms of the patterns I chose to wear together but I’d normally pair a tribal patterned skirt with a solid top so snake print & tribal pattern are not my typical go-to.

Thrift store finds: vintage skirt from Bianca Nygard & unknown brand snake-print ruched top.

I’m happy with the way the outfit turned out! I really wanted to wear my comfortable snake-print Clarks shoes so that was likely a large part of why I chose to wear the snake print top. Those two pair well. And, the office crowd seemed to like it since I got a few compliments today.

Pretty, huh? Clarks d’orsay cork wedges

This skirt was a secondhand purchase, naturally. I can’t remember how much I paid for it but it wouldn’t have been more than $10. It’s made by a lovely Canadian brand based in Manitoba called Bianca Nygard. I have a few of her pieces and though they are old, they’ve stood up to many dry cleanings and they’ve aged well in terms of the style. When does a piece of clothing get classified as vintage? Clothing has a much shorter lifespan than a car, for example. 15 years? 20? Certainly an unworn/unused piece can last much longer but I’m going to call this piece vintage at over 15 years old. Hah! Now that I’ve revealed its age, what do you think?

Can’t help but stare at those cute shoes.

This skirt was ahead of its time! It’s a midi-length skirt before midi-length was a hot trend. As I said, I’d normally pair this with a solid top–maybe cream or a contrasting color like turquoise or hot pink–but today I went with this snake-print top. Again, another secondhand find. This one came without tags so it was super cheap ($2, maybe?). I like the strange ruching at the neck on this top. Poor thing gets buried in my closet pretty often but whenever I pull it out, I’m reminded how much I love the cut on this piece.


I love the pattern on this midi-skirt!

And these cute shoes were my motivating factor in wearing all these patterns together. These Clarks cork wedge heels have such a cute d’orsay cut (one of my favs, as you’ve likely gathered by now) and I love the dainty closure at my ankle (another fav). To top it off, they’ve got a gorgeous faux snake-print leather toe. They’re really comfortable and I remember them being super affordable. I ordered them online (these I bought new) and I remember hoping and praying they’d fit because I loved them so much from the picture online and the price was amazing ($30).

Dewy skin & rosy cheeks. I’m wearing MAC’s Studio Fix fluid foundation & NARS’ Orgasm blush.

What do you think of this little beaded necklace? It’s a little looser than a choker but still hugs the neckline. I love chokers but I find them hard to wear. As their name implies, I feel choked so I often take them off mid-day, maybe earlier, which defeats the purpose of wearing a necklace for the day.

Eyes courtesy of the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. The color Bellini is like the perfect mauvey brown.

I’ve been getting requests from my Instagram followers to post more #FaceOfTheDay looks. A make up lover is never shy to show off her #MakeupOfTheDay! Keep those requests coming in–I love hearing from my followers.

I wore my hair in a really lazy high bun today. Yeah…it needs a washing.
I’m wearing MAC’s Cream in my Coffee lipstick here. The perfect nude!




7 thoughts on “Mixing & Matching Patterns

  1. Your make up is indeed beautiful and I agree with your Instagram followers: Do post more #FaceOfTheDay looks. And don’t hesitate to mix and match your clothing, especially with leopard or snake print as they are neutrals. I have wrote many posts on the subject on my blog, you might like to read them. I’m also a vintage lover. Nice reading you. Let’s stay in touch. Here’s two links for you:

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      1. OMG small world. How long have you been in LA? I have study there a long time ago. I am also a big vintage clothing fan. I like to mix vintage pieces with contemporary items for a more modern look. Speak French Sarah? Let’s keep in touch.

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      2. Small world indeed! I’ve been living in LA for about 3 years now. I love mixing and matching old + new! Yes, I speak French with a very anglo accent. I lived in Montreal for most of my life before moving to LA. Great to meet you 🙂

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      3. Great! I’ll look for you Sarah. I found you with the help of The Mighty Mumford who repost one of your post. He had done it for me too. He’s a great source to find interesting bloggers. Speak to you soon I hope. -Dominique

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