Outfit of the Day

#FitIsEverything in NYDJ & Red Knit Top

A simple, yet classy office appropriate look.

There is something so comforting about a pair of black and white pants that fit perfectly. The pair I’m wearing today is more white than black but it’s got an interesting almost-windowpane pattern that could almost pass for a large checkered pattern. It’s actually tiny dots when seen from afar that make up the eye-pleasing design.

What’s black and white and red all over? Me, today.

I purchased these Not Your Daughter’s Jeans (NYDJ) cropped pants from Nordstrom Rack because I instantly loved that they are mostly white but if I got a stain on them, the black would help camouflage that. And they were a steal at $20! As a mom of 2 young kids, I rarely wear white. It’s a shame, really, because white clothing used to be one of my favorite neutrals. I’ve had days where I’ll walk into work and there will be a handprint stain on a pair of pants… Oh well, one day when grubby morning hands aren’t an issue.

See that butt lift technology in action?

NYDJ initially gained popularity for their awesome jeans. They hold all the jiggly parts in place while “lifting” up the bum area. They’re always a proper waist height (does anyone really need to see a butt crack?) and they’re super comfortable! No wonder they have a campaign called #FitIsEverything. They’ve expanded into a whole line of tops and bottoms for women looking for the perfect fitting clothing. And I like the brand name; these are jeans made for a woman’s body not a “girl’s” body. They hug my curves without overly emphasizing them.

Look how cute that cropped hem is with the cut-out detail!

The other great thing about black and white pants is that they literally pair with any color. Today I chose a bright magenta/red cropped v-neck knit top that I purchased eons ago at Gap. It’s a wool blend so it’s slightly itchy the first moment you pull it on but your skin calms down after a few minutes of wearing it. It’s got a beautiful shape and I remember questioning if I’d really wear this top when I tried it on but it has served me well over the years.

These pants just know how to hold in the jiggle

Lastly, these amazing Franco Sarto wedge mules. I’m in love with these shoes! They’re stylish, easy to walk in and so comfortable. And you won’t even believe me when I tell you that I scored these for $20–new! *insert huge smile here* See, shoes do make me happy.

Pearls keep this look sophisticated
An interesting camera angle just to show off the shoes
I love the way this outfit of the day turned out