Outfit of the Day

Pinstripes & Pant Purgatory


Super long pants even with my 4+inch heels!

How do you organize your clothing? Unfortunately not everything I own fits in my closet so I’ve found ways to “organize” my clothing in various buckets/categories. I have a “still fits but wrong season” bucket (Rubbermaid–what else?), a “would fit if I lost 5-10 lbs” bucket (that one’s huge), a “this will never fit–donate!” bucket and a “purgatory” bucket. The undecided; the hopeful bucket. That bucket reminds me of Andy’s toys in Toy Story 2–the sad toys that get tossed aside hoping for another chance at love.

I gave these pants a second chance today…what do you think?

And that’s all our clothing wants, right? I feel like clothing needs its own “Clothing Story” like that awful movie Mannequin (made only watchable by Kim Cattrall’s performance) where the mannequin comes to life. Well, today I gave these pants another chance. They were in the purgatory bucket for a long time. Probably because I have an embarrassing memory associated with them…

Cute zipper detail on this top

I was on a business trip with my boss and I wore these pants. They pack surprisingly well and don’t wrinkle too badly. But, I wore them with flatter shoes. They have a super long inseam (what, you say, too long for my legs?! indeed) and I was walking down a flight of stairs with my boss behind me when suddenly I caught my pointy kitten heel toe in the hem of the pants and WHOOP! down I went. Down….down….down the stairs. I didn’t “really” hurt myself but I was so ashamed of the fall that I put these pants into the bucket of maybes as soon as I got home. Lucky for them they didn’t get the “donate” bucket.

If I decide to keep these pants in my permanent collection, they’ll be heel-only pants. Rare for a tall girl!

They were there for over a year. I know, I’m bad at purgatory. But I took them out over the weekend and decided to give them another chance. And today’s outfit of the day is that second chance! I originally purchased these pinstriped Kasper pants from a thrift store and I wore them a bazillion times; they’ve certainly paid for themselves at pennies per wear (I paid $10 for them!). They’re a blueish/grayish tone with cream/gray vertical pinstripes. The pinstripes actually match up at the seams (a good sign that someone cared when sewing this piece together) and have a super soft inner lining.

Love the pinstripe on these pants. Who doesn’t love a good pinstripe?

I paired the linen/silk blend pants with a navy blue top from Philosophy (a Nordstrom Rack purchase) that I’ve worn before (here) and a pair of gray Via Spiga heels.

4″ heels but surprisingly comfortable Via Spiga heels

For jewelry, I wore a pretty handmade necklace that my mother hand-beaded and gave to me as a birthday present. Isn’t it pretty?

A soft pearl and blue bead necklace beaded by my mother

For makeup, I went all out with the blues. This is one of the easiest eyeshadow looks and it’s sooo easy to create. Start with any light, shimmery eyeshadow shade (one shade lighter than your skin tone with a nice pearly sheen) and cover your whole lid with it. You can use a brush but honestly, your fingers are fine. Then, draw a messy line (with your favorite kohl/crayon eyeliner) across your whole eye, right above the eyelashes. Then, with a brush (or even your fingers), smudge the line with your eyes closed so you purposefully get some smudged liner on your lower lash line. Add mascara et voila! Pretty makeup doesn’t have to take an hour to finish…

I described this easy eyeshadow look above. Finished in under a minute!
Another blue and gray kinda day (Mondays are great for the blues)