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Falling for burgundy, gray and black

My #ootd is all about burgundy, gray & black

Have you ever stepped into a pair of shoes and known immediately that they’d fit you perfectly and feel amazing all day? I got that feeling recently at a Nordstrom Rack store when I tried on a pair of Franco Sarto pointy-toed wedge heels. The back of the shoes were terribly scuffed (on the heel) but they were a cute nude color and I forgave them for their damaged derrières. I tried them on and I was astonished by how comfortable they were on first fit. I looked at the price tag and my heart sank–$50 is way more than I’d spend on most pairs of shoes, let alone a scuffed pair. So I put them down and said goodbye…

It’s easy to fall in love with burgundy; it’s such a rich, sumptuous color!

And then a great thing happened! Last week I was checking NordstromRack.com for my weekly deals and lo and behold, they appeared…not in the nude color I first saw in-store but in this magnificent burgundy suede. Same price but no scuffs. I ordered them immediately. For all the shoes I own, I have barely any burgundy and burgundy is such a rich, sumptuous color. Every woman must try burgundy at least once.

It was love at first sight with these burgundy suede Franco Sarto wedge d’orsay heels

They arrived and I knew right away how I’d pair these gorgeous shoes. By the way, NordstromRack.com has awesome shipping–fast and free if you order $100+ (not hard to do!) and I’ve rarely had to wait more than a few days in LA area. Burgundy pairs well with almost any color but I decided on a light gray pencil skirt, matching burgundy blouse and a black cardigan. I have a pair of Nina Ricci glasses with a burgundy and gold frame (burgundy and gold are SO pretty together) so I couldn’t resist the match.

I love the gold accents on these burgundy Nina Ricca frames

More about the shoes. These are D’orsay heels–one of my fav styles. D’orsay styled shoes have a cutaway on or near the arch of the foot, revealing the inner side of the foot. D’orsays can be heeled or flat but it’s the cut from toe box to vamp and continued at the heel that defines the style. I adore this style because they feel feminine in the way that a pair of shoes reveals just a glimpse of toe cleavage; these reveal just a peep of your natural arch. Imagine: the D’orsay style was originally designed for men but became popular with women’s shoes in the mid-1800s. The arch-baring style created quite a stir with the more conservative crowd. See, the foot arch can be considered sexy!

A great transition outfit from the warm days of summer into the crisp autumn weather

This whole outfit started with the burgundy suede heels. I paired them with a light gray skirt from Banana Republic and a similarly colored burgundy blouse. The black cardigan and black belt tied the look together, offsetting the gray and burgundy match. I kept my make up light for this look; my glasses have a ton of personality so I didn’t want to overpower my eyes. Lastly, I kept the gold pattern from the glasses in my earrings–a beautiful tri-colored knot stud.

This blouse has a nice ruffle v-neck…a nice touch when pairing with a pencil skirt
One final shot of my new BFF shoes!






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  1. This is a beautiful combination of color. One of my fav. BTW, really like your glasses. They look very nice on you and the color is perfect for your skin tone and hair color. Good choice.

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