Outfit of the Day

Chocolate brown skirt & turquoise blouse

Super summery brown chocolate skirt with a turquoise blouse.

Outfit inspiration comes in so many different forms for me. Some days, it’s a mood, or a color, maybe a piece of jewelry or a new addition to my collection that I want to showcase that day. Sometimes, it’s a certain eyeshadow I love and want to matchy-match my outfit… today, it was the shoes. Actually, it’s often the shoes because I’m a confessed shoe-oholic.

Franco Sarto kitten-heeled sandals in brown, turquoise & cream

I brought these Franco Sarto kitten-heeled sandals out from hiding this past weekend and I knew they needed some love. They’re a lovely brown and muted turquoise combination with some cream highlights. I love the buckle at the toe and the ankle closure has this delicate criss-cross that highlights my ankles.

High-waisted Banana Republic peasant skirt in a delicious chocolate brown

They’re kitten-heeled so they’re also very comfortable to wear. I bought these used SO long ago and they’ve paid for themselves over and over again. Isn’t that the best feeling? It’s partially why I thrift and buy used. I get this “high” from thinking that if I amortize price over usage, I have shoes/clothing/accessories that basically cost me pennies per wear. You don’t achieve the same impact with newly purchased clothes unless they’re really discounted.

Chocolate brown and turquoise is one of nature’s perfect matches

As you can see, the shoes are a beautiful brown, turquoise and cream color. I wanted an outfit that matched that color palette, preferably with a skirt so I can show off the shoes in their full glory (pants would’ve covered them slightly). And so this outfit came together. A beautiful chocolate brown Banana Republic peasant skirt with a turquoise military-themed sleeve-less blouse. I added one of my fav chocolate brown cardigans for warmth in the office.

Handmade malachite beaded necklace with thrifted copper pendant

For accessories, I decided on a handmade necklace I made years ago from a thrifted copper pendant and malachite beads I pulled off another thrifted necklace. I rethreaded the necklace on new string and put the pendant in the middle. I always get compliments on this necklace!

The turquoise blouse is military-styled with the shoulder epaulettes


Being silly with a twirly action shot