Outfit of the Day

Blue Dress for the #Mondayblues

Who could have a case of the #mondayblues with such a pretty dress?

Ever get a case of the #mondayblues? I guess we all have at some point. Well, my Monday was only blue because of the beautiful royal blue dress I wore. Sorry, I’m being cheesy. Typically, I love Mondays. They symbolize a fresh start for me.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg
Loving this Banana Republic royal blue dress

Well, maybe not every Monday but this Monday I started a new project at work I’ve been excited about so it was particularly “fresh” this week. And, I got to wear this cute number.

Blue glass ring from Pier 1 Imports. I wear it on my index or middle finger.

This royal blue Banana Republic dress is a thrift find on eBay. I purchased it for under $20 with shipping! I had it sitting in my closet for about a month before I decided to wear it. The hem is slightly shorter than I’d normally wear to work but my husband thinks I’m overly conservative. I definitely had to wear a nice lace camisole, though, otherwise I’d be exposing myself. The dress would pair nicely with almost any color…I tried it with a crisp white lace camisole when I first tried it on and it looked beautiful together. I decided on gray to match the gray wide belt I chose to cinch my waist.

The belt helps accentuate my waist and keeps the loose top defined against the more fitted bottom.

The dress doesn’t need the belt but I love belts and use any excuse to wear one. The dress is looser on top so the belt helps create more definition between the loose top and more fitted bottom and waist. This belt is quite old and another Montreal, Quebec thrift store find. It’s the perfect waist belt as it has a very low profile.

These Via Spiga felt heels are comfortable and cute–a combo I always love.

I wore my lovely Via Spiga gray felt heels to pair with the grays of the camisole and belt. I love these Mary-Jane heels! They’re actually really comfortable despite being stiletto width heels. I find the dainty patent leather strap and buckle closure on the vamp makes my feet seem smaller and the shoe gives me great toe cleavage.

Is it just me or does the shape of the hem make my legs look thinner? I’ll take it!

I accessorized this outfit with a few simple pieces. I chose one of my favorite necklaces (a gift from my husband) which is a single Tahitian black pearl with a white gold setting and chain necklace. For earrings, I kept it classic with a pair of diamond studs. Sorry, they’re small and not too noticeable (I guess I need bigger ones!). Lastly, I wore a cute glass ring on my index finger that I purchased at Pier 1 Imports. It’s a pretty blue, gold and silver mixture of glass and despite its weight and heft, it’s actually smooth and easy to wear. It was so cheap ($5!) and it’s more than paid for itself over the years with the sheer number of compliments and/or questions/conversation starters I’ve gotten from wearing it.

A gift from my husband–a Tahitian pearl set in white gold. Either I’ve trained him well or he’s got good taste 🙂

You win some and you lose some when you shop secondhand online. There’s no “dressing room” so you need to know your measurements before you buy. Of course, I still make mistakes but the great discounts make up for my occasional errors. Also, don’t hesitate to return (if you can) or re-sell if you can’t. In this case, it’s a keeper!

Thanks eBay! This dress is a keeper.