Outfit of the Day

Silky tunic with black leggings

Lovely green & blue glass ring from Pier 1 Imports matches my outfit’s bright palette

For today’s look, I decided to showcase a pretty tunic I purchased at Goodwill. It’s probably a dress on most women but at my height, it’s a long top/tunic. I purchased it for the incredibly low price of $5 and I was really excited to wear it today.

This colorful tunic was an amazing find at only $5 at Goodwill–yay!

I decided to pair it with leggings because there’s a high slit on either side that would expose way too much skin. Plus, who can say no to the comfort of a pair of leggings? My leggings are standard Lululemon black with a great high waist that acts like a “control top.”

This brown wide belt pulls the outfit together and creates an hourglass shape

I didn’t need to add the belt but I thought it gave the whole outfit a more refined look and it turned the otherwise boxy tunic into something more shapely. When in doubt, add a belt for a beautiful hourglass shape.

Beautiful pattern on this tunic on front & back

I love the colors on this tunic. I was curious about the pattern and it looks to be an East Indian color palette and geometric design. I’m in love with the turquoise/blue background and the variations of beige and brown in the design. I loved the turquoise so much that I matched my outfit with my eyeshadow:

Wearing MAC’s eyeshadow in “Steamy”

And my shoes match too! Not just in color but the cut-out resembles the pattern on the tunic. Actually, as I picked the tunic off the rack at Goodwill, it reminded me of this pair of Miz Mooz sandals. One of the golden rules states: if you can match a new addition to at least one (preferably two-three) items from your current collection (and for me, the price is right), buy it!

Loving these Miz Mooz turquoise sandals with a velcro closure and cute cut-out detail

An “outfit” for me isn’t just about the clothing–it’s the whole “look” (including shoes & make-up). I do admit I can get obsessive with my matchy-matchiness sometimes but I find it fun to pair existing pieces from my wardrobe together. It’s like a game of “Choose Your Adventure” in Clothingland.