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Polka dot peasant skirt

Today it’s all about the cute polka dot peasant skirt. As the name implies, the peasant skirt features a shorter hem (less material meant lower cost) than its wealthier and longer cousin that was fashionable during the 1940s. Regardless of the negative connotations of the origin of the “poor-woman’s” skirt, the peasant skirt is a total winner.

Banana Republic polka dot peasant skirt

It’s a really comfortable fit; it’s flouncy without being poofy and defined at the waist while camouflaging the hips. This skirt is the perfect cut for pear-shaped women. It helps highlight the narrow waist of a pear-shaped body while fitting comfortably over wider hips.

Philosophy top from Nordstrom Rack

And it’s polka dots! I actually bought this secondhand Banana Republic skirt off eBay for under $20 with shipping. It’s made out of cotton but it’s got a really soft feel to the fabric along with a lightweight lining. I love how it feels to wear it so I was pleasantly surprised when I received it and tried it on.

Cute zipper detail on the back of my Philosophy top.

The navy blue Philosophy top was a Nordstrom Rack find. It was $15 on sale and I really love the zipper detail in the back. It’s a cute surprise on an otherwise simple piece. I’ve gotten so much wear out of this purchase. It’s the perfect length over patterned skirts or pants and it’s an all-season fabric. On older days, I’ve worn a cardigan or blazer over it and it’s not too thick to get lumpy under the arms. Ladies, these wardrobe essentials make outfit selection so much easier!

Nails: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Fish-teal Braid

I chose the Clarks nude leather slingbacks for a retro feel. I think I could’ve paired this outfit with a pair of navy blue and white espadrilles and it would’ve looked so chic, too. Nude heels have a way of elongating my legs because they almost disappear into my foot and give the illusion of a longer leg. Never underestimate the power of a nude heel–they’re shy but mighty!

Clarks nude slingback pumps – Similar here
Banana Republic polka dot peasant skirt
Glasses: Burberry; Lipstick: Charlotte Tilbury “Stoned Rose”

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