Outfit of the Day

Cherry-red pleated midi skirt & black top


I’m feeling the fiery flamenco influence with this outfit today. Flamenco dancers traditionally wear a red or red and black dress and this red pleated midi skirt and black top achieves a similar look. I won’t be suddenly giving way to dancing through the office corridors but the swishy skirt does make me feel whimsical and light on a warm summery day.


This beautiful cherry-red pleated midi skirt is from Banana Republic’s current collection, available here. I snagged my skirt in the Tall version AND on sale–whatta combo! This bright skirt is actually really easy to wear with multiple color combinations on top. I chose black because I like the sheen of this black top against the fabric of the skirt. One of the most common combinations seems to be a crisp white blouse or top with a red pleated midi skirt. Floral and geometric patterns would pair equally well as solids of various colors.


I’m really liking the length of this skirt. Probably because it’s the tall version and it’s actually hitting my body at all the intended spots. The pleats add a really nice flounce to the skirt and keep what could otherwise become a heavy look quite light and airy (even with a lined skirt). The red fabric has a beautiful soft luster with a satin finish and the inner lining feels silky. Overall, I’m really loving this skirt!


I purchased this black Calvin Klein top eons ago and I had it stashed away in the black of my closet. While trying to organize my closet, I accidentally found it again! Perfect timing for this outfit. But because it’s so old I have no idea where I purchased it. The top is a little on the shorter side so it’s perfect paired with higher waisted skirts and pants but untucked, it seems almost cropped. I keep cropped to my pants and never my tops (just my thing–I applaud any woman comfortable in a crop top!).


The top has a similar luster to the red skirt and I like the combination. It’s got a really nice gathered drop v-neck that gives my neckline an elongated look and highlights my necklace.


The skirt is definitely doing a great job of competing for star of the outfit but it’s this necklace that’s won my heart. It’s handmade by yours truly from pieces I collected across the world. The red and black beads are actually seeds I purchased in Peru from a tiny roadside stand in Nazca, Peru. I was on my way to visiting the intriguing geoglyphs (the Nazca lines) in Peru and this tiny old woman was selling bags and bags of these tiny red and black beads. With my broken Spanish, I was able to understand that the beads (actually seeds), while poisonous if eaten, are considered good luck charms to the Aymara (Indigenous people of Peru). So, of course, I bought a bag of these beauties.


The seeds are called huayruros and they sat in that bag for quite some time before I found the perfect fit for them. I was at a flea market in Montreal, Quebec and I found an old necklace that was otherwise quite ugly except for the pendant–a piece of red and black coral. I took apart the necklace (which I scored for $1!!) and only kept the pendant and used the seeds along with tiny silver beads between them to create this necklace. It’s a little too short and I’ve always meant to add an inch or so but I haven’t gotten around to it.


This Dex belt is so old! I purchased it when I was in my early 20s and it still looks good. I like that the gold buckle has this cool patina that almost looks vintage. It diffuses the shininess of the rest of the outfit and I like how the suede offsets the patent leather of my wedge sandals.


These J. Renee wedge sandals are from the same 6pm.com factory outlet haul as these and I got them for a steal under $20. They’re a simple black patent leather upper but I love the pattern on the wedge: