Outfit of the Day

Futuristic Blue & Gray


Today’s outfit came together very quickly. The whole family woke up late so I was rushing to get dressed this morning. I’m happy with how it turned out. The gray stripe down my top matches my gray capri pants almost exactly and looks like it’s an outfit meant to fit together. Nothing could be further from the truth. Let me explain…


This top is actually a maternity top I purchased while pregnant with my first. It was heavily discounted on a liquidation rack and I grabbed it without trying it on. It’s a size XL so I figured it would probably fit. Unfortunately, it didn’t so I never actually wore this while I was pregnant. Post-pregnancy, I was going through my maternity collection and this top (still brand new with tags on it) was too cute to donate so I ended up keeping it as a non-maternity (maternity) top.


Fast-forward to my next pregnancy and I tried wearing it early on in my pregnancy knowing it wouldn’t fit when I was bigger and it just made me look flubby–not pregnant. And so, it went back into my non-maternity pile. Oh well, it clearly wasn’t meant to be. Fortunately, the top had only cost me about $10.


Now, it looks like a non-maternity top but I still smile secretly when I get a compliment. By the way, this style top is SO slimming. When the blocks of fabric/color trick the eye into thinking your torso is narrower than it actually is, you get a very slimming effect. I highly recommend dresses and tops that have an accent color or pattern on the outer waist.


My pants don’t have such a secret history. These are just Ann Taylor pants from an outlet center. I’m drawn to this cotton/tweed fabric so I immediately grabbed it. Of course it didn’t hurt that they were: $5!! Yeah, so maybe these pants do have a secret: they were cheaper than a Starbucks latte.


I decided to tie the look together with this Lodis belt I bought at Nordstrom Rack for about $20. I have a hard time saying no to a cool wide belt and this one has such a cool closure and it’s elastic (so much more comfortable than a stiff plastic). The whole look has a somewhat futuristic appeal–mostly because of the winged shoulders on my top and the metallic belt.


I was debating if I should wear heels today but my tootsies were begging for flats and I gave in. Yesterday’s shoes did a number on my feet so I decided to give them a rest. These Franco Sarto mary-jane flats are so awesome! Cute, comfortable and snake print. Need I say more? I don’t remember how much they cost me but knowing my typical limits, I’m going to guesstimate around $40.