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Pinstriped pencil skirt & magenta blouse


I’m in a skirt and dress mood this week! It’s been really hot this week so it makes sense to be bare-legged. Today I decided to add a pop of color into my week. I’m wearing a pinstriped pencil skirt with a magenta sleeveless blouse and pretty magenta wedges.


My skirt is whiteish/creamish with gray and pink vertical pinstripes. I love high-waisted skirts! They’re really easy to wear with a blouse tucked in and a pair of heels. I normally wear a blazer or cardigan in the office just because it gets so chilly. You can also style a high-waisted pencil skirt with an untucked blouse if it’s tighter fitting and/or if you cinch in the waist with a belt. I modified that look with a tucked in blouse and used a wide belt to tie the look together.


This Le Suit skirt needs some work. I purchased it secondhand on eBay and the slip underneath exposes itself when I sit down. I guess I can’t complain for $10 but it’ll need to be shortened if I’m going to wear this again. The fabric is very light so it needs the extra padding from the slip.


Working with the pink accents on the pinstripe skirt, I decided on a beautiful silk magenta blouse from Banana Republic. I normally separate my dry cleaning from my laundry and I mistakenly put this poor baby in the wash and then (the horror!) dryer and it came out looking like a rag. Luckily, I begged the dry cleaner to try to fix it by pressing it and it came out looking fine! I’m thoroughly impressed with this blouse. It even still has the sheen you’d normally see with a silk fabric!


I was debating on whether to pair this combo with a black belt and black cardigan but I ultimately decided I wanted to keep the pink with its favorite cousin chocolate brown. Pinks and browns are a match made in heaven. The skirt has a very thin waist band (not so good at camouflaging the belly flub) so I used a nice wide brown belt (so old the label is worn off) to hide the spot where my blouse is tucked into my skirt.


And then the decision to wear my favorite cardigan was an easy one. This secondhand silk blend Banana Republic beauty has been featured in my outfits before (see here). It’s just such an easy piece to wear over blouses and dresses. It’s also a great length and I love how the bottom gathers in slightly at my waist. Many cardigans can come off too boxy.


Lastly my shoes. I’m not very happy with these girls right now. They are tiny wedges and have no business hurting my feet. My toes are squished and my heels are getting rubbed raw. You’d expect that kind of behavior from a pair of stilettos! Oh well, I guess I’ll have to pull the old sock technique on these if I want to wear them pain-free next time. It’s not entirely their fault, either. I purchased these Hush Puppies secondhand many years ago and likely neglected them because they previously injured my feet.


How cute are these open hoop earrings? They’re delicate and so feminine. The stone is called a raspberry quartz with gold plated metal. I got these on Nordstrom Rack’s online store for only $20.


It was worth the pain! I got a few compliments on my outfit choice today so I’ll forgive the mishaps.



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