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Blue Peplum Top & Black Pencil Skirt



Peplum tops are so much fun to wear and they are very popular right now. I decided to research the meaning behind this cut. What is the peplum style? I’ve seen it used for tops and dresses that have a fitted bodice with a flare just at the waist. The peplum style is actually derived from the Greek word “peplos” which refers to a full-body, tube-like dress that folded at the waist and created the illusion of a two piece outfit rather than a one piece dress. Due to a growing admiration for all things Grecian, the peplum style was revived during the 50s and has since been revived in the last 2 decades as our love for Old Hollywood styles has grown.


As with all these fitted pieces, you need to make sure that the narrowest part of the garment falls on the narrowest part of your waist. You want to create a very accentuated fit & flare look with the peplum; it’s all about the hourglass shape. I’ve seen some really nice peplum tops with lower cut necklines but I think the neckline is high on this particular top because the flare is quite big and a low neckline would distract from the flare.


I decided to pair this blue peplum top from Banana Republic with a high-waisted black pencil skirt. The high waist of the skirt blends seamlessly into the top’s bottom and creates the appearance of almost a block colored dress. Someone complimented me on my “dress” today and I realized then that perhaps it could appear as a one piece outfit.


This skirt is so old it’s almost vintage. If you can believe it, my grandmother bought me this skirt (along with its matching blazer) for an interview I wanted to look spiffy for about 10+ years ago. I’ve since worn it at least once every few months and it still looks basically brand new. Congrats Jones New York! The top is a secondhand eBay purchase for under $10. Not including shoes and accessories, this outfit has so far cost me under $10 (I didn’t include my grandmother’s investment from 10 years ago).


And my shoes have a story too! My husband and I were road tripping through the US for our honeymoon and I managed to convince that we had to stop in Kentucky to visit the 6pm.com factory warehouse to browse their returns (all deeply discounted). I’m still not sure how he agreed to a 10 hour detour for shoes but we made it there! There’s a Waffle House down the road and his consolation prize was eating there. In case you’re wondering, here’s the address: 376 Amazon.com Blvd, Shepherdsville, KY 40165


This was about 7 years ago now and I bought quite a few items but I remember paying around $20 for these Sofft shoes. I fell in love with the suede detailing on the vamp and I’ve worn them proudly for years. Definitely worth the detour! Actually, I need to convince him again…


This outfit doesn’t need the belt but I decided to add the belt for an even more fit & flare shape. This Banana Republic belt helps cinch my waist and breaks up the outfit. Ah the things you can do with a nice wide belt!



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