Outfit of the Day

Floral crop pants & soft purples

It’s summer! Nothing says summer like bold, floral patterns. I’d been eyeing these pants in my closet for some time but I kept making excuses. Today was it and I’m so happy I finally caved.

Purple is such a fun color. There is no shade of purple that is “outside” a comfort zone. Cardigan – Reitmans  (Similar here)

See? I can’t contain my happiness. I got so many compliments on this outfit and I think I know why. The royal purple top pulls in the darker purple patterns of the pants while the shades of lilac and lavender in my cardigan and shoes pick up the lighter shades of purple on the pants. It makes for a symphony of pretty purples. I’m so lucky to own lilac suede shoes in my size (12 women) that are both feminine, comfortable AND affordable (these were $30 on Nordstrom Rack). Thank you Franco Sarto!

Comfortable and cute? Um, yes! Many thanks Franco Sarto. Even more thanks to Nordstrom Rack–I scored these sweeties for $30!

How impossibly cute are these flats?! The tiny ankle straps make the smallest part of my ankle look even smaller and offset the thicker part of my calf where the pants end. It makes for a very slimming effect. I don’t wear these babies very often because they stain in like 2 seconds (these are shoes that should be sealed before first wear) but when I do, I totally maximize their impact.

Sitting pretty in purple. I love how the tiny strap at my ankles creates the illusion of a smaller ankle. Blouse – Banana Republic Factory (Somewhat similar here)

And the pants! Structured but stretchy; formal in fit yet casual in length. It’s definitely a floral pattern but it’s also a very abstract floral. Banana Republic, you got it so right with these pants. I love forest green clothing and it’s so rarely used as a color! Deep forest green is like a chocolate brown in that it’s universally flattering and easy to pair with other bright colors. I actively seek out forest green in clothing and I’m rarely rewarded because it’s so hard to find.

If I’m wearing a bold pattern on the bottom, I keep the top solid and vice versa. Pants – Banana Republic Sloan – (Somewhat similar here)

I haven’t forgotten you sweet little cardi. Look at those darling buttons! I’m a sucker for buttons and I couldn’t say no to these little crystal ones. Sorry, this particular cardigan is from a store in Montreal, Quebec (Reitmans) but I’ve found similar ones at Gap, Banana Republic and J. Crew (Banana Republic and J. Crew have size 16 and XL online).

Close-up of my pants, cardigan and blouse. Nail polish – OPI – Tiramisu for Two

I love how the lilac lightens the entire top portion of my outfit and casts a rosy hue on my face. I’ve noticed light purple brightens my complexion and brings out the green shades in my eyes. I’m wearing a purple eyeshadow trio by Smashbox and that has helped to intensify the green in my eyes. Here’s a close-up:

Earrings – handmade studs (Similar here); Eyeshadow – Smashbox Purple trio (Similar here)