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7 Tips to Master the Maxi Skirt

When did pleats suddenly get so popular? Probably around the same time as the rise of the maxi. Maxi everything; pleats everywhere! And no, not maxi pads but my oh my if you’re feeling bloated, I have the skirt for you.

So how exactly do you wear a maxi skirt? They’re big style but big personality, too. Here are a few tips:

1. Wear it long; wear it high

The best maxis are worn high waisted and low to the ground. These skirts look best when worn in a statuesque way. Mine just skims the ankle and it’s a beautiful feeling of the fabric swishing along just above your shoe line.


Cardigan – Banana Republic – purchased secondhand

2. Tuck your top/blouse in

I love the shape created by a top tucked into the skirt. It emphasizes my hips but in a loving way. However, some lucky ladies can pull off the untucked look. You can wear your blouse untucked but only if you wear a tight belt around the waist, otherwise you’re going to lose the shape of the skirt.

Top – Banana Republic

3. Keep the top cropped

Similar to the tucked in top, the sweater or cardigan should not end too far below the waist. This silk blend cardigan from Banana Republic is the perfect, curve-hugging length with a simple, single button closure. Can you tell I found this cute cardigan secondhand on eBay for a few bucks?

Maxi Skirt – Banana Republic

4. Keep the heels low

This is more a practical tip than a stylistic one. You’ll find wearing sharp heels potentially harmful to your skirt if you find yourself suddenly ripping a hole through the hem. As you sit in this skirt, gravity will naturally allow it to flow to the ground and your heels might just snag. I wore itty bitty kitten heels with this look–wedges or flats would’ve worked equally well.

Kitten heels – Clarks -purchased secondhand (Similar here)

5. Choose one patterned, one solid

If your skirt is patterned, keep the top solid; if the top is patterned, keep the skirt solid. I chose the former for this look. The skirt has a beautiful snake patterned print and I chose a metallic brownish/bluish sleeveless top. It’s a minimalist top from Banana Republic but I wanted to make sure I didn’t overpower the skirt while still emphasizing the light patterns of the skirt.

┬áLipstick – MAC – Creme in Your Coffee

6. Accessorize sparingly

Try not to overpower the skirt. Like I said, this skirt comes with big personality so you don’t want it competing with huge jewelry or too much of it. I wore a rose gold-tone watch with gorgeous Majorca pearls. The perfect done-undone look.

Watch – Catherine Malandrino – (Similar here)
Earrings – Vintage – a gift from my mother (Similar here)

7. Match your shoes and top

Keeping your shoes and top in similar color patterns keeps the eye focused on the target. The flowing skirt is the real focal point of this outfit and I wanted to make sure all eyes were on the best part. Along the same logic, I kept my hair in a simple side-swept bun.



Have fun with your maxi skirt; it’s meant to be a flowing, full presence in your closet and on your hips!