Outfit of the Day

Orange Statement Blazer

If I had a full 4th of July outfit, I would’ve definitely worn it today but this was the closest I came to Red, White and Blue/Stars and Stripes. I’ve got the white and blue; I’ve got the stripes–I’m just missing the red and the stars.

The Statement Blazer by Banana Republic 

How great is this orange raw silk blend statement blazer?! I saw it on the sales rack at my local Banana Republic store and I immediately grabbed it. At $40 on sale, it was a little more than I like to spend on one item but I caved…it’s raw silk…it’s orange….and it’s awesome.

Navy polka dot capris – Gap

The sleeves of this blazer are just ok. I would’ve liked them slightly longer but one of my tall girl tricks is rolling up the sleeves of otherwise perfect blazers to get this mid-arm length. Because it’s so difficult to find blazers in Tall sizes on sale and in my size, I’ll often “hack” a size 14 or 16 blazer by rolling up the sleeve.

Nothing quite pulls an outfit together like a blazer.

This blazer is made of raw silk so it’s got a beautiful sheen and naturally occurring knots in the fabric. It adds texture and character to the piece. A statement blazer usually requires a subdued pairing so I kept my patterns straightforward with sharp lines/circles and solid colors.

Tommy Hilfiger striped shirt

I’ve always loved navy blue and white paired with oranges and corals or anything in the orange/red family. For this statement orange blazer, I decided to wear navy blue capris with white polka dots from Old Navy and a blue and white striped shirt from Tommy Hilfiger. The shirt’s raw edging pairs well with the blazer’s uneven texture.

Capris purchased secondhand on eBay

I bought these capris secondhand from eBay and they’re starting to show some slight wear… I got them for under $10 and I’ve worn them many times so I definitely got my money’s worth but I know they’ll be hard to replace. Polka dots happen to be one of my favorite patterns and I’m always drawn to them.

Blazer a little short? Tall girl trick: roll up the sleeves! Read more tricks here.

I kept my heels very subdued for this look. These Sofft cork heels are almost my skin tone colored so they appear very muted on my feet. I do love the gold flecks weaved into the cork though; it makes for a little surprise on closer inspection.

Beautiful gold flecked detailing on these Sofft cork pumps